November 30, 2023
Corps members benefit

A significant stride towards youth empowerment in the realm of non-oil exports has materialized as nine Corps Members have gained from the Youth for Export Programme, receiving $900 as participants in the Nigerian Export Trade House China-Far East. The presentation took place during the launch of the Youth For Export Programme (YEP), an initiative by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) to advance youth involvement in non-oil exports. The launch event, hosted by Zeenab Foods Limited, transpired in Abuja today.Open Popup

During the launch, Brigadier General YD Ahmed, the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), conveyed the Scheme’s unwavering commitment to fostering robust collaborations with pertinent stakeholders. These collaborations aim to offer technical and funding support to Corps entrepreneurs. General Ahmed highlighted that the NYSC’s Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development program is poised to capitalize on initiatives such as YEP that contribute to the empowerment of Corps Members.

In his address, General Ahmed extended gratitude to the NEPC and Zeenab Foods for recognizing the NYSC as a vital stakeholder in the Youth Export Trade. He affirmed the NYSC’s dedication to creating an environment conducive to enhancing Corps Members’ empowerment, emphasizing the belief that initiatives like YEP, through training, mentoring, and networking, will contribute to economic growth and bolster foreign exchange earnings.

Dr. Ezra Yakusak, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, elucidated the essence of the YEP initiative in his speech. He revealed that the program seeks to surmount critical barriers hindering active youth participation in non-oil exports, aiming to arm young Nigerians with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in export activities.

The pinnacle of the launch was the presentation of three $300 cheques to separate sets of Corps beneficiaries by a representative from Zeenab Foods Limited. The event also unveiled a novel platform called the “Nigerian Exporters Hub” (NEXHUB), an electronic and digital platform designed to dynamically link exporters and importers, enhancing their trade interactions.

The Youth For Export Programme stands as a transformative venture that equips young Nigerians with skills to partake in non-oil export activities, aligning with the nation’s pursuit of economic diversification and empowerment. The collaboration between NYSC, NEPC, and Zeenab Foods signifies a collective effort to nurture the potential of youth entrepreneurs and amplify their role in driving economic growth.

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