November 30, 2023

… Towards Securing Environmental Sustainability

Jeffrey Adaralegbe, Nigeria

Dangote Cement Plc, a subsidiary of the Dangote Industries Limited., a Pan African business conglomerate in a bid to continuously show responsibility on environmental sanity and sustainability as a result of climate change and to help reduce atmospheric congestion for the host communities in which they operate as a form of accountability, the company is leading in the usage of bio fuel, fossil fuel and other technologies to alternate the usage of PMS believed responsible for atmospheric decongestion with high volume of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Kyoto gases and methane in their flaring.

Top Nigerian Journalists were informed of this development during a Two day Environmental Reporting Capacity Building; organised for journalists by Climate Africa Media Initiative Centre, CAMIC, themed: Reporting the Environment for sustainability” sponsored by Dangote Cement Plc, on 17,18th of July 2023 respectively at a Cement Plant in Obajana, Kogi State of Nigeria.

Taiwo Adebayo, an Award winning Investigative Journalist (facilitator), stressed the need for journalists to report with utmost passion the earth news, and that environmental developmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Tasking journalists to always add value to information fact-checking by asking ‘how, why’ before dissemination of their news.

Adebayo stated that cost of oil spill remains the climate change and global warming, he warned to avoid ‘greenhouse’ build-up in the atmosphere; that the more carbon generated, the more fossil fuel generated, that such form carbon over the air blocking the heat from the earth thereby causing climate change that leads to deforestation, the very reason for shortage in farm food produce. He also taught on multiple ways journalists should set their news stage, handle their news sources and more.

The General Manager, Human Resource Dangote Cement Plc, Mr Adinoyi Haruna, resolved that the workshop was organised to enlighten and broaden the capacity of the participants on environmental sustainability and the need to ‘class’ environmental affairs in news reporting as he urged journalists not to limit news report to finance, profit and loss and activities of the conglomerate.

Dr Egazuema Okoreba, The Sustainability Manager of Dangote Group, explained in full academic prowess how SDG builds sustainability and ESG is responsible for Environmental Social Governance and much clear differences between CSR and Sustainability.

Egazuema further disclosed the efforts of Dangote Group in balancing financial with non-financial performance known to be sustainability as responsibility and complete accountability. She further maintained that her company has integrated Sustainability into all parts of its operation, adopting seven out of the fourteen sustainable development goals for environmental sustainability. Adding that journalists should educate the public, show innovative strength and recycling and encouraging communities on sustainability and stewardship.

In conclusion, Mr Aliu Akoshile, Executive Director CAMIC , raised the alarm that environmental reporting has not been given its place in recent times. In his word, “it is the environment that binds us all us together in all spheres of life”, he further explained that if environment is not conducive; all other activities including sports, business will not as well be possible. In his submission environmental Sustainability is par attitude that all must make a way of life.

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