November 30, 2023

Prof. Khadijah Yahaya, Chairman, Institute of Charterd Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Ilorin and District Society, has said that professional accountants in Nigeria were not involved in corruption activities in the country.

Prof Yahaya made the assertion on Friday during a health walk programme by the association in commemoration of the 2023 International Accounting Day.

She said the popular belief that accountants were always involved in any corrupt dealings in any organisation was erronous and unfounded.

The ICAN Chairman said members of the association was guided by code of conducts and that the association has a disciplinary body that deals with any officer involved in questionable dealings.

”We accountants are trained to be conscious of our dealings because we are guided by code of conducts which include integrity, confidentiality, objectivity and professional behavior.

”We do our jobs with due care and ICAN has a disciplinary committee that looks into such issues and anyone found wanting will have his or her certificate withdrawn and also punished accordingly.

”So, accountants involved in corruption are not professionals,” she said.

Prof. Yahaya added that accountants play an important role in any organisation, as well as in its sustainability.

”Accountants are known for their professionalism, they take records and give financial advises to organisations on how to manage their human and material resources.

”We play a major role in Kwara and Nigeria at large, we showcase accountability and integrity and assist organisations on how to be sustainable and continue to survive.

”There is no organisation that can exist without an accountant.

”So, we have been contributing to the development of the companies, Nigeria and our economy,” she said.

The ICAN chairman however noted that the walk was meant to showcase members of the association to the society and create awareness about their existence.

”We are holding the health walk to make people know that professional chartered accountants exists in Ilorin  and that we are contributing our quota to the development of the state.

The Day is celebrated globally every Nov. 10 to celebrate professional accountants.

The Day was also meant to promote the importance of the profession, as well as acknowledges all the work accountants do to make businesses and organizations thrive.

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