November 30, 2023

NYSC and IHSD Forge Partnership to Enhance Humanitarian Training for Corps Members

In a move to further equip Corps Members with essential skills in humanitarian services, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is set to collaborate with the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development (IHSD) on a comprehensive training program.

The President/Chairman of the Governing Council of IHSD, Ambassador Adamu Babangida Ibrahim, along with other council members, initiated the collaboration during a cordial visit to the NYSC National Directorate Headquarters in Abuja.

Ambassador Ibrahim acknowledged NYSC as a unique institution dedicated to selfless community development initiatives, emphasizing the pivotal roles that Corps Members play in driving rural development. He commended the NYSC for its remarkable record of community-focused projects carried out by Corps Members over the past five decades, highlighting the positive impact on various communities nationwide.

Furthermore, he praised the Director General of NYSC and the Scheme’s management team for effectively mentoring Corps Members in vital areas such as self-reliance, leadership, and societal values.

Highlighting the core objective of the collaboration, Ambassador Ibrahim expressed his belief that partnering with NYSC would provide Corps Members with a profound understanding of the dynamics and significance of humanitarian work. He also emphasized the potential for Corps Members to cultivate careers in the humanitarian sector through volunteerism, tapping into its immense opportunities.

Brigadier General Yushau Dogara Ahmed, the Director General of NYSC, shared his conviction in the necessity of cultivating a pool of professional humanitarians within society. He commended IHSD’s steadfast efforts since its establishment and acknowledged their commitment to humanitarian causes.

General Ahmed acknowledged the proposal made by Ambassador Ibrahim and assured him of NYSC’s intention to thoroughly review and consider the collaboration. The Director General recognized the potential of this partnership to enhance the overall training and preparedness of Corps Members, enabling them to contribute more effectively to society.

The collaboration between NYSC and IHSD reflects a proactive step towards bolstering the capacities of Corps Members to engage in meaningful and impactful humanitarian endeavors. As the two institutions work together, the prospect of Corps Members gaining practical skills and insights into the humanitarian sector stands to benefit both the individuals involved and the communities they serve.

The NYSC management, as well as IHSD, are poised to usher in this promising chapter of collaboration, fostering the growth and development of Corps Members into well-rounded, socially conscious contributors to the nation’s progress.

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