November 30, 2023
Image: Brigadier General YD Ahmed, Director General of the NYSC, discussing youth empowerment and national development with members of the National Assembly.

NYSC Director General Advocates Stronger Support from National Assembly for Youth Development and National Progress

Brigadier General YD Ahmed, the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), has appealed for enhanced assistance from Members of the National Assembly as the NYSC intensifies its contributions to national development. General Ahmed emphasized that increased support from the legislative body would further bolster the accomplishments the Scheme has achieved over the past fifty years.

During separate advocacy visits to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Youth Development, Distinguished Senator Yemi Adaramodu, and the Chairman of the House Committee on Youth Development, Honourable Martins Esin, General Ahmed reiterated the NYSC’s dedication to national unity, socio-economic development, youth empowerment, and wealth creation.

In his meetings with the lawmakers in Abuja, General Ahmed congratulated them on their appointments as chairmen overseeing youth-related matters in the country. He conveyed the NYSC’s unwavering commitment to its multifaceted responsibilities and its continuous pursuit of initiatives that positively impact Nigerian youths.

General Ahmed stressed the importance of fostering stronger relationships with the lawmakers to ensure that youth-related concerns remain at the forefront of the nation’s priorities. He underlined the significance of collaboration between the NYSC and the National Assembly in addressing the evolving needs of Nigerian youth.

Both Senator Adaramodu and Honourable Esin, in their separate responses, assured General Ahmed of their unwavering commitment to providing all necessary support that facilitates an enabling environment for the NYSC to effectively carry out its mandate. They acknowledged the NYSC’s critical role in shaping the country’s future by empowering its youth and pledged to work hand in hand with the NYSC in achieving its objectives.

As the NYSC continues to evolve and adapt to changing national dynamics, its collaboration with the National Assembly stands as a pivotal factor in securing the necessary resources and policies that promote youth development, unity, and socio-economic progress.

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